about the author

Susu Smitzh was born and grew up in South Asia, now living in Sydney, Australia. She is married and a mother of a daughter. She likes drawing, sudoku, watching documentaries, cooking and 50% discounts. This is her very first book.

about the book

If you read this, this is a story about you, written by you, from you and for you. As we know social media has changed the world, it is not just part of your life but it is your life. Social media motto: do not judge, lest be judged with photoshopped and filtered photos.Social media is so powerful, it can turn nice guys into thugs, strangers into lovers, and your milkman into lover (and vice versa).What you post there is limitless – duck face selfies, possum face selfies, egg holder mouth selfies (all photoshopped). The limits are your internet connection and if your partner finds out your passwords (are you in cold sweat now?)Come and discover the good, the bad and the funny side of social media – where you can see what everyone’s bathroom looks like…



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Susu Smitzh Hopes to Bring a Smile on Readers’ Faces

Social media has been associated with depression, cyber bullying, body image and many thing. Don’t Do It, She Likes It, is a humorous book based on shared informations on social media. It’s wri ........


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